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The Slick Wallet(Previously Orange Wallet) is first cross-chain DeFi and NFT Aggeregator, aiming to provide access to DeFi, NFT, IDOs, and DAOs across most if not all EVM-based chains. We are rewriting the UI of every protocol we integrate to provide the simplest user experience as well.
We aim to provide users an easy way to move funds and NFTs from one network to another, use DeFi of every chain, and use strategies that put their money on protocols that are spread across crypto-verse(multiple chains).


We provide faster experience with transactions on Polygon


Transactions costs almost nothing on Polygon


User's data never leaves the device and multiple encryptions keeps private keys safe


Users get access to all DeFi protocols at one touch.

Key Features List

Supports 6 chains, move assets across chains and make cross-chain swaps.

Limit orders and Perpetuals trading in decentralized and non-custodial way.

Lend, borrow, be part of savings pool with poolTogether and swap assets directly from wallet.

Buy sell NFTs directly from wallet.


Abhimanyu Shekhawat
Co-Founder - Blockchain developer
Akshit Ostwal
Co-Founder - Full Stack Developer
Satyabrat Sahoo
Flutter Developer



What is Slick Wallet(Previously Orange Wallet)?

A non-custodial crypto wallet specially focused on the newly growing multi-chain ecosystem, DeFi and NFTs.

It provides users with a complete mobile experience from onboarding to layer2(and other faster networks), interact with DeFi, mint and manage NFTs and much more.

It isn't a trading platform it is a wallet that lets you manage all your assets.

Yes, it is in the early beta stage, so observe caution.

The Slick Wallet(Previously Orange Wallet) is one of the first mobile wallet focusing entirely on multiple networks, providing an experience so seamless that users will not even realise they are using multiple networks.

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